Digital healthcare company finds skin cancer training app on University Technology

A pioneering digital training app for accurately identifying malignant and benign skin lesion and skin growths at an earlier stage has been licensed to a specialist in digital teaching tools for the medical profession.

The early diagnosis and detection rates of skin cancer has been boosted by a pioneering digital application developed at the University of Edinburgh which trains the medical profession to accurately identify malignant and benign skin lesion and skin growths at an earlier stage.

The app – named Dermofit – has been licensed to Simedics Limited, a Yorkshire-based company specialising in digital products and publishing for the healthcare and public sector services.

Dermofit is the brainchild of Professor Jonathan Rees, Grant Chair of Dermatology at the University of Edinburgh who had the initial concept to develop a digital tool to educate GPs in order to improve skin lesion diagnosis proficiency back in 2005.

Professor Rees collaborated with Professor Bob Fisher of the University's School of Informatics to further develop the Dermofit app.

Professor Rees commented: “Thirty per cent of doctors will automatically send a patient to a hospital if they have signs of a skin growth. But the evidence is that the vast majority of people who are seen and referred do not have skin cancer or anything serious at all.”

The app took around four years to develop, which included sourcing the extensive image library and associated diagnoses (which currently boasts over 1,300 images), developing the algorithms to automatically group the photos based on their colour and texture properties, and testing the product with real-life practitioners.

Matthew Driver, Director of Simedics, said: “We saw this app as a really exciting opportunity for us, which fits well with our plans to increase our range of digital teaching tools in the healthcare sector. We have plans to targeting global markets following a UK launch later this year.”



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