Parkinson's Disease Model

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Parkinson's Disease Model
Parkinson's Disease Model

University: University of Glasgow

Sector(s): Life Sciences, Chemical, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

About Opportunity:

The AS/AGU rat is a model of locomotor dysfunction with progressive disruption and degeneration of the nigrostriatal dopaminergic system.

The AS/AGU rat provides an exciting new model for the evaluation of new treatments for Parkinson’s disease. The AS/AGU rat is the only model in which degenerative events take place over a sufficiently long period of time to mimic human conditions and to allow the exploration of mechanisms of cell loss and the role of neuro-protectants and further evaluation of novel therapies It is characterised by wide gait, hind limb rigidity, whole body tremor, difficulties in initiating movement and a tendency to fall over when moving quickly. These animals display a Parkinsonian-like movement disorder which can be reversed by L-DOPA treatment.

Key Benefits:

  • The model shows analogy with human impairment since it is progressive and age related
  • Background research shows L-DOPA replacement can ameliorate movement disorders
  • The identity of the causal mutant gene is known and patented. This genetic knowledge will facilitate the molecular characterisation of the cellular site of the dysfunction.
  • It is the only model in which degenerative events take place over a sufficiently long period of time to mimic human conditions and to allow the exploration of mechanisms of cell loss and the role of neuro-protectants and novel therapies.
  • The rats breed very well.


Excellent and reliable model for the pre-clinical trial and evaluation of potential new treatments for Parkinson’s disease.

IP Status:

This technology is available as an Easy Access licence deal to companies and individuals giving:Physical access to the rat model Non-exclusive access to the content of the patents on the model (now lapsed) Non-exclusive access to the background IP and know-how of the model Access to the inventors


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