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Information & Communications Technologies
Information & Communications Technologies

University: Heriot Watt University

Sector(s): Information & Communications Technologies, Aerospace, Aviation & Transport, Chemical, Creative Industries, Electronics, Sensors & Photonics, Energy & Renewables, Engineering & Manufacturing, Food & Drink, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Information & Communications Technologies, Life Sciences, Materials, Other

About Opportunity:

Academics, researchers and companies face increasing difficulties in keeping up to date with cutting edge research and developments in their field. JournalTOCs is a "real-time awareness service" and has been created to solve these difficulties by ensuring subscribers are immediately notified of new research published in all current journal articles in areas of specific interest to them.  JournalTOCs aggregates, normalizes, indexes, classifies and personalises news about the latest articles published in scholarly journals sourced directly from the RSS and OPML encoded files creating a rapid, economic, convenient and above all, personalised current awareness service. JournalTOCs has amassed the largest searchable collection of scholarly journal Tables of Contents (TOCs) with more than 23,000 journals (including 6,704 selected Open Access journals)from over 2,000 global publishing houses. It includes the highest rated journals in their fields, guaranteeing quality results.

For a short and useful guide to using JournalTOC's see the following posted by University of Warwick -


Key Benefits:

  • Customisable searching with personalized or institutional options
  • Generate alerts when new research matches your needs
  • Browsable by publisher, subject area
  • Provide customised API applications to use the large database of TOCs


  • Search millions of papers from the current journal issues
  • Track journals that are relevant to your institutional / library subscriptions
  • Provide a personalized current awareness service delivered in real time

IP Status:

JournalTOCs is a fully developed search engine and instant awareness service with several thousand global users accessing the system daily. All database rights, code, algorithms and the JournalTOCs interface is the intellectual property of Heriot-Watt University.

Available 24/7 and hosted in a secure server with technical support on hand to answer queries, the team is in a position to provide cost effective customization of the interface allowing easy access to JournalTOCs to academic, research, commercial and institutional libraries and resource centers worldwide.

Several levels of custom access (pay per use/site license etc.) are available through simplified end user license agreements and if this is of interest to your organisation please contact a member of the team below to arrange a trial.


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