Data Encryption

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Published Patent Documents
Published Patent Documents

University: University of St Andrews

Sector(s): Information & Communications Technologies

About Opportunity:

Current telecommunications encryption techniques can be computationally expensive as they require either complex software or highly specialised hardware and some form of preliminary security-critical key distribution.  Even 'public key' systems require this. Our invention - a novel software algorithm - provides a computationally simple yet highly secure encryption technique for electronic data communication channels.  Moreover, the encryption technique may be tuned so that the degree of security increases exponentially with computational time.  The security scheme also incorporates a means of authenticating the end-user at the reception end of the transmission path.  This encryption method may be implemented in a hardware logic device, or similar, consisting of only a small number of gates. Our software technology can be developed to suit any telecommunications application which requires fast but secure encryption of transmission data.  Most notably it can be used in mobile device applications, where encryption is required 'on the fly', e.g. to enhance security in mobile data traffic.  It can specifically assist in such applications, targeting against 'eavesdropping' and 'channel-tampering' interference in transmissions.

Key Benefits:

  • Ideal solution for mobile telecoms devices
  • Low-cost system could be embodied in simple hardware logic
  • no 'key' dissemination is involved
  • Provides a 'trade-off' between the degree of security required and the encryption duration
  • Authenticates end-user data


  • Mobile Device applications where encryption is required

IP Status:

The University has granted patents in the USA, Canada, UK, Germany and France (see US 8,688,996). The University would be pleased to discuss this technology transfer opportunity with new or established telecoms or data companies having synergistic business interest in encryption products and systems handling secure transmission of telecommunications data.


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