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  • Visual field testing device for improved patient experience

    Researchers at the University of Edinburgh have developed a visual field testing device that uses a strategy that is more natural for the patient than current gold standard tests resulting in an improved patient experience.

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  • One step prodrug trigger for targeted release of drugs

    A tetrazine small-molecule trigger for activating prodrugs has been developed. Active molecules, such as a therapeutic drug or imaging fluorophore, can be caged within a polymer nanoparticle for controlled release at a targeted site.

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    Researchers at the University of Glasgow have developed a computational method for fully characterising the T cell receptors (TCRs) in antigen-responsive cell populations.

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  • Appetite Control Dietary Supplement

    An effective method for delivery of small molecules to the colon has been developed by researchers at the University of Glasgow and Imperial College London which targets receptors in the region of the gut thought to be involved in appetite regulation and metabolic control.

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  • GF Synergy - Microenvironments for Bone Tissue Regeneration

    Researchers at the University of Glasgow have created a new technology that allows safe and efficient delivery of growth factors, in particular recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein-2 (rhBMP-2) for bone tissue engineering.

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  • EasyFuge: Disposable centrifuge insert for cell attachment

    EasyFuge is a simple plastic adaptor for use with any standard benchtop centrifuge that enables liquid-suspended cells and particles to be attached to glass for microscopical imaging. Besides being easy to use, EasyFuge’s cell attachment is efficient and allows handling of low volume samples.

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  • Cancer drug assay - finding a cure for Wilms' tumour

    This assay would enable quick and effective in vitro compound screening to overcome the developmental block that causes the Wilms’ tumour, thus finding a cure. Similar assays may be optimised for other diseases.

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  • Blocking substrate recruitment by DHHC-protein acyl transferase enzymes for therapeutic gain

    Researchers at the University of Dundee have discovered and validated a novel approach for targeting an important class of enzymes with wide activity and linkage to disease.

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  • Rapid detection of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) & antibiotic sensitivity testing (AST)

    Antibiotics are often prescribed inappropriately leading to (1) patients remaining infected and failing to recover from bacterial infection, and (2) the spread of bacterial antibiotic resistance. Our laboratory prototype devices can provide accurate detection and quantification of bacterial suscep...

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  • Rapid, sensitive counting of viable bacteria: the Molecular Bacterial Load Assay (MBLA)

    The Molecular Bacterial Load Assay (MBLA) provides a rapid and sensitive way to detect viable bacteria. MBLA opens up new applications in the diagnosis and treatment monitoring of a range of chronic bacterial infections, representing an opportunity to create a completely new platform of bacterial di...

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